Monday, February 4, 2013

There Must Always Be A Interplanetary Station Of Cool

Pokemon Pokecenter Imagined in Modern 3D by Evan Liaw

This looks how I imagine my space platform would look like. Lots of open spaces with the ability to seal off sections in case of emergencies. Lots of bad things can happen on that 18 month voyage to Mars. Lots of people can get wooshed out the airlocks for acquiring SPACE MADNESS. One way with passengers and the return voyage without. Depending on the direction you are travelling. I would be the guy on the return trip. Just the kitty and me and 25 tons of martian samples and artifacts. Uh Oh. I smell a kickass adventure, perfect for the summer of 2015. I hope to get Bruce Willis to play me in the movie.



D.I. Felipe González said...

It´s missing a HAL9000 computer interface. Not my kind of cute without it.

Kal said...

But those robots most always go crazy and spoil everything for us human space pilots.