Saturday, February 2, 2013

Top End Action Figures

Kaustic Plastik are proud to announce The Kaustic Plastik FIRST ANNIVERSARY Edition box! Only 400 pieces LIMITED EDITION! This set will be a triple pack set. Inside you will find all the accessories to build 3 different Gladiators: Secutor - Scissor - Retiarius. Museum quality replica, helms and accessories in real metal die-cast and produced in Italy by master artisan jeweller. This release will feature the "Archaeology corner" by Dott. Luca Nejrotti.

If I wanted to invest in these most expensive action figures ($300+) I would first go for the great gladiator figures where you get enough pieces to create three different types of gladiatorial warriors. Of course not having 2 additional figures to outfit and equip takes a bit away from the play value but these are the kind of action figures that you don't give to the kids.

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