Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why He Is A SUPERIOR Spider-Man - Comic Panels Of The Day

Many people are hating it but watching Otto Octavious (Doctor Octopus) living the life of Spider-Man is a sweet treat for me. Every one of the dead (?) Peter Parker's friends and allies are being forced to re-evaluate their relationship with the new combination of Octavious and Parker.
Some, like Logan, have to learn their lessons the hard way. I like it.
Octavious said he would be SUPERIOR and he certainly is proving he is physically. This is Peter Parker with an out of control ego and a sense of entitlement. The only thing I can see bringing Octavious down is his lack of experience with his powers, unless he picked those up in the transfer into Peter Parker's body (don't ask).
It's insanely goofy but more fun than you would think. For someone like me who has read a bazillion Spider-Man stories, it's the riskiest story and thus the most interesting story to come down the pipe in years.

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