Wednesday, July 6, 2016

New Iron 'Man'

Marvel has been recently stepping up their efforts in diversity, and they have just announced that the new Iron Man in the All-New Marvel relaunch of Invincible Iron Man is a 15-year-old African American girl.
After the events of Civil War II, Tony Stark has stepped away from being Iron Man and stepping into those iron shoes is Riri Williams, who was introduced in the current Invincible Iron Man series. She is a student at MIT, and she has already built her own armor in her dorm room. That's how she got the attention of Stark.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

They actually put this on the news runner at the bottom of the CTV news channel. Slow news day? I like it, by the way.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Change is never forever in comic books and it's good to see Marvel can get attention for these stories.

jester59388 said...

Meh. Just another retread. It's all the wrong kind of attention. No one will care who doesn't read comics will care in three months, and meanwhile they've alienated the existing fanbase - again.

I wish they would just go back to the Defalco Earth X concept, where they can play with alternate versions like this all they want. Or, if they want to bring her in as a sidekick - like Rhodey (War Machine) or Pepper (Rescue - worst name EVER) -- and maybe one day she inherits the armor - fine. At least it's organic. But this is just more forced diversity. And before anyone screams -- I'm all FOR diversity. I was reading Luke Cage Hero for Hire in the early 70's and lovin' it. But give me ORIGINAL minority and female heroes. There's a reason why Cage and the Black Panther are still around. And the Falcon would be if they hadn't put him in the Cap suit for no good reason. STOP messing with my favorite heroes! Spider-Man is PETER PARKER. I don't care if you replace him with a white Ben Reilly, a black Miles Morales, an evil Otto Octavius, or any varied member of his female supporting cast (which is probably next -- and they will give her an ugly costume change to boot since skintight spandex on women is no longer PC in comics -- sorry Mayday! It's a leather jacket and combat boots for you!). I'm ok with our heroes aging and perhaps retiring, passing on the suit. Scott Lang works. Wally West worked (until they brought Barry back for no reason, cheapening his sacrifice in Crisis). All the Robins worked. Even Mayday worked (albeit in an alternate reality)because it made SENSE that she would have Peter's powers. But this? I give it a year before the book is cancelled. No one will care about this nobody beyond the initial hype around her race and gender. They'll just want Tony back. Oh well, they can always just make her Captain America next.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

That was very well written and makes all the right points. I have seen so many of these changes that I no longer care. I know things will be set right. I can't believe I freaked the first time Roddy took over the armor for Tony.