Wednesday, July 6, 2016

World-Wide Weirdies By Ken Reid

There are so many of these that I actually got tired collecting them, making sure that I duplicated none. Get used to seeing them whenever I need an easy post. He made so many. It must have tormented him or inspired him or both. I know about fixations and this is a fixation on a certain style and gag. The variations are amazing and the puns aren't all together terrible.

From 1974-1978, the English kids’ humor comic Whoopee! ran a wonderfully bonkers series of whimsical horror panels called “World Wide Weirdies,” by Ken Reid, an illustrator from Manchester. They were usually on the back covers and featured grotesque, Basil Wolverton-esque monsters in bizarre situations, adorned with punning captions. According to the British Comics Wiki, they were based on readers’ ideas and winning submissions would win their authors an easy two pounds. While the central images are great on their own, Reid’s marginalia is quite fun, too.

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Dr. Theda said...

We saw a cool collection of these images at "Monster brains" a year or two past.... cool to see some of these images again... good post !!