Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Time's Most Influencial Toys?

I agree with many of these choices. For me it begins and ends with action figures. They had the most impact on my life. G.I. Joe, Big Jim, Johnny West, Mego were all terrific. I have a serious collecting vibe and living in what I like the call 'The Golden Age of Action Figures' has only spurred me on.

I have told the story about how all my childhood toys were lost when we returned from living in Europe. I lived with that pain for a long time until I saw this Dr. Strange figure in the toy aisle. He was beautiful. The look was spot on and I really liked the fact that his molded cape gave the illusion that he was floating. From then on there was no stopping me.

I opened the first two dozen or so packages for display and play purposes but then I stopped doing that. I really liked the way the figures looked with their packaging so since then I open very few. (I will post pictures from my collection later in the week. I need a new card reader so that I can transfer the pictures from the digital camera. The cord that came with the camera was another victim of Fluffy's chewing spree.)

From there I got into EBAY because they offered such great deals and often whole sets of figures from a single line for unbelievably low prices. I enjoyed that until I got poached one too many times from someone getting a bid in on the last minute. Losing the 'Shadow Cab' from the movie's line of toys was the final straw for me. This is a beautiful vehicle. I didn't need to hope and have that hope dashed anymore.

Since then I have found a great action figure store out of Montreal that gives me great deals and selection so for now I will stick with them. I wish I could find a place closer since our local comic/action figure store closed it's doors. Damn you recession. Every time I do visit Calgary, however I check out the great stores they have there.

For you ladies that don't understand the thrill I get entering a specialty store that is full of action figures and comic book related merchandise, try to image a shoe store with a massive variety or footwear. Yeh, that glazed over look you are getting by thinking of that is exactly the way I feel.

What toys from the list are most memorable to you? Aside from what I mentioned above, I really loved 'Barrel of Monkeys' for the challenge it brought to any car ride. Try making your monkey chain stay together in a moving car sometimes. It's still a challenge to this day. They say you shouldn't tweet while driving but trust me, 'monkey chaining' while driving is ten times more dangerous.


Which ones did they leave out. I can give you a couple.


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Dr. Theda said...

Toys have a;ways meant a Lot to me, good Sir Kal...