Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Remake Of DUNE Is In Our Future?

I will beg out of the conversation I loved all the versions like Jodorowsky's Dune about the greatest movie never made. I love what SYFY did and even the Lynch movie. This book is virtually unfilmable but is such a great story. My favorite book of all time.

The movie that amazed and confused me so much that I had to read the book and own the movie for myself. I paid 100 dollars for a new VHS copy.

The 10 hour version of the first three books in the DUNE series are done very well here. It's the kind of thing I wish Netflix would pick up because it's a great adventure to binge on .

And any one who is a fan of the DUNE or movies in general MUST watch this documentary of the greatest movie never made. This failure lead to the creation of both Aliens and Star Wars so it is an important movie story to tell.


DrGoat said...

Saw that a year or so ago. Incredibly interesting. And you're right, pretty much unfilmable. But wow, that would be neat to see that spectacle. I was the same way with Alien. I paid like 90 dollars for the VHS tape in the 80s. My first VCR coat 1200$. I had to take out a loan from my parents (took me a year to pay them back). An RCA 4 head machine that weighs about 25 pounds. Still have and it still works. A beautiful boat anchor as some would say.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I think if they find a way to write the story and do the first four books in the series as three movies. I want a Peter Jackson type guy to commit to the series. It deserves it's place among the great science fiction movies as it exists with the greatest science fiction books of all time.