Tuesday, September 20, 2016

All This Idiot Has Done Is Make Me Afraid Of Skittles

Way to go asshole!
What is it I am missing about this campaign? Why can't I support their candidate? How can they be so right and I be so wrong on every issue? Why doesn't Trump's oily charm work on me? Why don't I envy his sons and wish I was one of them? If I say Trump is wonderful do I get to meet Ivanka? Is THAT what I really want. Am I that shallow to waste my imaginary vote in so frivolous a fashion? Somebody set me straight.


DrGoat said...

You're dealing with a morally vacant person with morally vacant kids.
I have mixed feelings about a lot of things, including the Muslim thing, but the BS that comes out of his mouth is nothing short of breathtaking. Jesus, Sarah Palin was on the Match Game last night. Enough to make you wretch. Sorry Dr. Theda.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

SARAH PALIN CURSED MY BELOVED MATCH GAME?? I am so happy I never saw that. That is a bottom booking. No one is knocking on her idiot door anymore. She is too Batshit for even TRUMP and that says a lot.