Thursday, September 15, 2016

Deadliest Catch - Dungeon Cove

Okay Deadliest Catch - Dungeon Cove. I will give you a chance. But know that I take my crab fishing shows very seriously. I want something new and different than I am already getting with my original Deadliest Catch. The sea is a harsh mistress that is to be sure.

Okay you got me with that 'Lets follow four families and before the end 2 boats and 4 men will not make it home". Damn bitch, that is the harshest kind of fishing show of all. Great. But I must see full pops of crab. It's like I caught them myself. I of course would last all of five minutes on a real crab fishing boat. Hell I don't give me much longer in a canoe or Riverboat with gambling allowed on board.

500 boats go after these special dungeness crabs. No quota. First come first served. You would think that would deplete the quota but I guess not for that time of year when they are allowed to fish. They call it a DERBY fishery.

The smaller pots for these smaller crab will make it interesting to see what is considered a FULL pot of caught crab.
Why do these little ships thing they can get past a dangerous pass with the ability to tear a ship to pieces and they have to negotiate this pass everyday. Rescue crews are there as each ship leaves or returns to port. It's INSANITY TO risk your ship and your lives TWICE A DAY. Who of us has a job like that?
But of course I could watch them do that work all day long.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

That last photo -- isn't it kind of mocking and cruel to make that poor cooked crab hug the butter its limbs will be dipped in?

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

No, he wanted it that way. He wanted to be displayed in his very best light if his fate was inevitable. Those Crab are complex that way. It's the nobility of the crab. Lobsters share it also.