Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ghost Rider Joins Agents of SHIELD

That's RIGHT! That's my boy Gabriel Luna as the Spirit of Vengeance, the GHOST RIDER. I dropped AGENTS OF SHIELD after season one not because I thought it was a bad program but because I can't keep up with 22 episodes seasons after being spoiled by short binge seasons. It all seems like so much repetition and filler and the writing here is very subpar. Maybe I missed out but at this moment I cannot go back to watch 40 episodes or so to see how we got to the point where something as cool as Quake and GHOST FREAKIN RIDER can come together on the small screen. I think I need to go on the You Tubes and see if anyone did a synopsis of all the first three seasons with clips to let me catch up and understand the players.

I just had to watch this episode. I mean it's got Gabriel Luna in it and you all know my deep love for him. Finally you huckleberries will see what a cool action actor he is. If you like him here then you must watch his magnum opus - MATADOR. You know it is my dream that ONE of you will see that 13 part, one season show and realize that I was right all along. It's the lost gem you have been looking for all your life, only you didn't know it yet. One day.

Oh and here are some pictures of the transformation of man into monster.

I love that this Ghost Rider is not a lightweight. I like his stare that looks into your soul. He pulled one guy's head off with the spine attached. I also like the way he flips his keys. It's very OCD of him. It's the source of his power I bet.
He's a great street level hero that could easily join the Defenders with Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Doctor Strange and the Punisher. I just wrote season one in my head.

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DrGoat said...

Yeah, liked it. Do like the character of Coulson. Always have. That low key persona with a sense of humor.