Thursday, September 8, 2016

One Day To The Big Sale

I am a wreck. And I am out of my good psychiatric meds which I can't get filled until Sunday. Good timing, Calvin. So I have been freaking out all week and am realizing what a big thing I have taken on. How soul crushing will the experience be or will I be spared humiliation enough to not crawl back into my Cave of Cool and never come out again? I know I am worrying to much but this is my process. I have other plans that I would like to see succeed after this one. If this fails then where does my motivation come from then? If I had anyone in my life who understands me enough to know what to say I would be talking to them. But as with everything else in my life I am alone and leave it to the masses to leave me wisdom or wish me ill. It's in the hands of the Universe now.

I hate this thing so much. I hope it sells and goes far far away.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

God yeah, that's hideous. You might actually have to PAY someone to take that Creature of the Black Lagoon off your hands! Or slip it into somebody's backpack when they're not looking.

It's worth taking a shot at selling some of your stuff this way. What the hell, eh? That's all it is, just a shot.

I'll be following your adventures on my iPad over the next few days because I'll be out of town on business. I hate typing on that friggin device so comments will be scarce. But best wishes and lotsa luck!

DrGoat said...

Well stay safe Debra. Watch out for the crazies.
That is quite an item there Cal. Actually I'm intrigued. It's not the Creature from the Black Lagoon....some sort of Lab grown creature maybe. Something about it. It's got that weird quality about it. As far as the sale goes, give it a whirl. You underestimate yourself. As far as wisdom goes, I'm hardly a good source, but we're all alone in the end. I try to just get through the day and find some joy wherever I can find it. Some days are not so good, some good. I'm dealing with the fact that I burned my candle at both ends in the 60s-70s and I'm pretty much paying for that now. Big time. Will be with you in spirit. I think hopefully will find you gained something. Wish you had your meds, I can relate to that one.

Paul Wurdemann said...

I believe that is 'the Fluke-Man', from a wonderfully creepy X-Files episode.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

It is the FLUKE MAN. And I hate him.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sorry, my bad.