Monday, September 12, 2016

Season 3 Of The 'Last Ship Ends' With Mixed Feelings.

I am going to be talking HELL ON WHEELS on this week's Geek Fallout podcast but I want to bring up my praise for this Season 3 of THE LAST SHIP which I feel is the most fun, end of the world action adventure show that I have seen in a long time. It's about a single ship, the NATHAN JAMES, who tries to do the right thing in a world destroyed and lost in the chaos of immorality and selfishness after a plague kills 9/10ths of the planet and that STILL isn't enough death for some people. But it's enough for those on board the Nathan James. The characters do such amazing acts of teamwork and when this show loses and character, it breaks my heart every time. I get that close to the actors and the characters they are playing.

I hated the last two minutes of season three but with a further 2 years in the contract, the story of Captain Tom Chandler and the Nathan James is far from over. He had to go away to find himself again after he DID THE RIGHT THING IN A WORLD GONE MAD. I know, Sir, that you have personal ethics and hold yourself to an impossible high standard but from this soldier's stand point, he earned his moment of vengeance.

One bit of advice Madame Dictator. When a gun is pointed at you, don't goad the guy holding it on to shoot you. Just shut up and don't say bad things about his family and his friend and his country. She was just asking for suicide by cop.

If you haven't been watching this one then what kind of TV viewer are you really? You bitch and bitch that there is nothing good on TV but I present to you 3 great 13 episode seasons of coolness. Tom Chandler is like Cullen Bohannon. They get the job done and inspire loyalty in all those around them. That takes good acting and good writing and interesting story arcs. Never underestimate the Nathan James or her crew. Their loses have been great this year but I have hope. Funny that a show about the end of the world should be so dripping with optimism but it is. Just watch it already. Is it on the Netflix. All you kids have the Netflix so you have no excuses.



jester59388 said...

Watched the finale last night. What a fantastic show! Like Walking Dead, no character (except maybe Chandler) is safe and the losses last night were tragic -- one off screen, one on -- but both essential to what happened next. I don't think that stupid bitch committed suicide by cop - I think she truly had the hubris to believe she was untouchable and that Chandler was too principled to shoot her despite everything she had done and said -- like how he handled Peng (or would have but for, you know). That it cost him a bit of himself was evident at the end, but she was as much an enemy of the state as Ramsey - and deserved the same fate.

If you're not watching The Last Ship, you SHOULD be!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Welcome to my side in praising this show. You are right, the death's aren't just for death's sake. They all serve a purpose. I can't wait to see what will bring him back to the struggle. He can't just quit. He's Tom Chandler.