Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Train To Busan

I am not a horror movie guy. I loved the first SAW because of the twist but generally I don't like torture porn which is all that most horror films are these days. I like the Final Destination movies because they are at least creative but generally I don't like seeing characters I care about in danger or dying. It's why I don't watch The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones anymore. But every now and then I hear something good about a movie with just that theme and I feel compelled to watch it.

This one was called Train To Busan and it's a wild ride. I found out that maybe I do like me any movie or show where a bunch of characters are forced to survive some terrible event. And I like to watch that all in under 2 hours. I know the characters I like the most will die but they will die in some glorious manner while sacrificing their life for the good of the group. Plus this one has a cute kid for everyone to worry about. We are never sure that she won't die, especially in a film like this were anything is fair game. I for one couldn't look away and that wasn't just because of the subtitles which force you to pay even harder attention to all the chaos on the screen.

I like that the Father and Daughter don't have much of a relationship at the start of the movie but they learn to be a family while watching others around them chew the faces off the living. Good times.

Zombie Deer!!!! I have rarely seen anything as horrifying as a road kill zombie deer coming back to life and standing after all his smashed bones miraculously heal. And when he fixed himself up, he was PISSED!! Since when do Zombies get to heal even after you smash them??

And as usual it only takes one zombie on one train to start an outbreak of madness. That is the moment everyone is waiting for and the tension sometimes is unbearable as we watch the inevitable happen. Then it's an all out train ride to hell. Anyone smart would have just hidden in the bathrooms. But as usual it only takes ONE dumb bastard to ruin a safe train run for EVERYBODY!

Remember if they can't see you then the zombies can't getcha! And you can't protect yourself from them because they even fall from the skies (I shit you not) and get right up and start to chase you. This one is fun as hell for that and many other reasons. It was most tense and a real lesson into the true nature of how inhumane people can be when their own lives are at stake. The real difficulty is keeping your humanity when everyone else is losing theirs. Lots of imagination and thought went into this one. If you must see only ONE Zombies on a Train movie in your life then this is the one.

I also learned that Korea has one hell of a passenger train infrastructure. That is something Canada is sorely lacking especially within the provinces. I was also impressed that everyone could still get cell service even during a zombie apocalypse.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Nope. Not for me.

Rob R said...

I've been wanting to see this one!

DrGoat said...

Have at it old bean. I've pretty much had my fill of zombie movies.