Thursday, September 22, 2016

What Three Characters Describe Your Personality

I love the idea of him as an Indian pirate/terrorist/scientific genius who knows the difference between good and evil. He worships Kali, the goddess of death but walks a different path by refusing to use a gun to fight. I would love to have his resources and be that kind of hero. Plus his beard is epic.


Jaime Escalante is my teaching hero for the gifts he had to reach the kids. You can't get them to learn if they aren't interested in what you have to say. I always treated each class as a show, a performance. I taught with stories and disciplined with humor. I didn't get louder when I got angry. I would get quiet. When I was quiet it was a sign that things were annoying me and the kids knew it. They were used to me doing my 'act'. I paid attention to everyone and tried to know something specific that each kid was into just so I could make conversation not work related. Some of course needed more attention than others but I tried to be fair but I didn't take any crap from kids who would disrupt the learning of others. Then they REALLY get the attention that they wanted from me and that is something no kid wants because it usually means involving parents and administration just to be a pain in the ass like they are being. And I would tell them I would do that from day one. Few ever called my bluff but I once called a parent from the classroom to have her talk to her kid. Once he knew he couldn't bluff me or Mom he straightened up and flew right and became a top student once we got him to stop feeling like no one cared.

Well this last one says it all. Suggested by Kelly.
The COLECTOR from Guardians of the Galaxy.
I kinda like to have cool stuff around me.

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