Sunday, June 10, 2018

A Great Video On Soviet Female Cosmonauts From Hero Press

I teach because I love. ALL the little girls out there need to know about this woman. All the little boys too. Like every single Cosmonauts she was insanely brave to go up in space 'quick and dirty' in any peice of crap Soviet rocket that these  Marxist monkeys could cobble together. Unlike the American system the emphasis on pilot safety was a low priority for the Communists if it meant they could beat the Americans into space and in serveral key ways they did just that early on in the Space Race.

You all know the deep love and respect I have for Soviet Sister Girl Valentina Tereshkova. She had the right stuff and orbited the Earth 48 times in three days. Then because the idiot rocket scientists hadn't figured out how to land the ship so she had to parachute out of her falling craft after three days crammed into a tiny capsule. That is as badass as it gets.

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Tim Knight said...

Thanks for the mention, Cal. As I said in reply to your comment over on HeroPress, you need to be following the wonderful hsitorian/space expert Amy Shira Teitel and her Vintage Space YouTube channel, there's loads more stuff like this.