Monday, June 11, 2018

I Put Out The Call To My Tribe

Instead of taking one of those Elon Musk flamethrows to a KFC and threaten the staff until I have had my fill of KFC chicken and their various side dishers I need to find some way to fill my never ending minutes of the day with something productive and interesting. I don't want to be stopped by the cops on the way home with a huge KFC doggy bag beside me.

No instead I want to Podcast. Frankly, while I was wallowing in the Well of My Bitterness this weekennd I realized that for my mental health that I need to do my own show. This Week From The Cave of Cool - Or is The Cave Of Cool This Week a better title. I will do about 45 minutes of pop culture stuff, world news stuff only if talking about it would make for interesting conversation, personal stories, revelations, memories of geek momets past and all the things that I think are cool that you have all read since you found me. It's giving a voice to my art. I hope to still guest on other podcasts if I am ever invited and will invite my friends to join me in the discussion weekly. Maybe a different one everytime so I can spread the opportunity to make magic with me around to all the friends I respect.

But the people I have waited to podcast with have other things going on right now and all promises of podcast related activities have not come true. I don't need a bone tossed to me like I am some pathetic loser. I know my own value. I guess the only person interested in talking to me is me. But I am smart enough a person to know that I can't do it alone.

Look at this freak who wants his own show. He's not just a goblin but one of them troll like goblins. I got to this point because I once went to the Crossroads and traded my beauty for insight and the ability to correctly determine what is truth and what is not. Finding the truth in ALL areas of human thought or creation is where my mind lives. In other words I am usually right about most things I have an opinion on so that is just another reason why I need to podcast. I need to share, because I care.
Plus I have a wicked cool sense of humor and a quick with. I could have bantered with Osama or Obama, depending on who offered me the opportunity first. Someone once accussed me thinking that I was ten times smarter than everyone and truly the smartest boy in every room I was in.
I turned to her with sincerity and said, "That was the nicest thing anyone ever said to me. And now you understand why these staff meeting are just torture for me. I can finish your sentence in my head and then I have to wait ten minutes for you to say exactly what I knew you would say ten minutes ago". So I know how to get my point or opinion across quickly to fasciliate the conversation I want to have in this podcast.
NEVER will there be live action podcast where people will see my face for an extened period of time because I look like the kind of person that cause people to toss their phones and Ipads off of tall building or under moving traffic JUST TO MAKE THE UGLY MAN GO AWAY. He frightens us and would be the type of guy who would collect the femers from other serial killers so he could carve them into nice wooden soup spoons. Just like the ones your Mama remembers from the old country.

But for now, for the podcast, I need to find a producer to help me create my show. I first and formost need someone who is interested in talking to me. Rememeber, it's ME and you have heard me on the Geek Fallout podcasts so my delivery isn't going to change.

I will run the show but I need a fellow hard core geek to do the majority of the technical stuff so we have show that sounds good. A quality production worthy of my time and effort. And their time and effort frankly.

I want someone immersed in pop culture and always has been since very early on. I want someone who can tell a good story about what they remember about the nostalgia we will talk about. Interesting stories key as is knowldge on a wide range of subject. It's the only way I can be sure that you ever read a BOOK.

I need someone to bounch ideas off of who also can keep hard podcast dates. I want to know when I will podcast and when the produce is released and that is a dealbreaker.

I just hope to spread the Cave of Cool brand. I listen to other podcasts and I can hold my own. All I need is a producer to get this whole experiment going. So, of course you have to actually ENJOY my blog and know enough about it's content to know what I am talking about. You should know things about me that would make others run for the hills but STILL you have an interest in working with me.

You understand that most highly creative people are highly delicate people. It's okay to lie to me but if it sounds insincere you will break my heart.

Contact me if you have an interest in the volunteer job. Let's make some good podcast together.

Please know that if you are not chosen it is not a reflection on you as a person. I just someone with enough interest and enthusiam to work well with what I have in mind.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I think "This Week From the Cave of Cool" flows better. While I'm not technically competent enough (or indeed, at all) to be a producer, if you ever need a guest who can intelligently discuss the feminist significance of gay shipping in male-dominated comix/nerd culture, I'm your gal. That's my area of expertise.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

See now that is just the kind fo quests that I want. Interesting persepctive on pop culture from all angles and I can brag about our friendship and hear your voice for the first time. Don't worry. You are were in my top ten quest list of peole that I was planning to approach when this all gets going.

nolan said...

Hope you find you baba booey

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

YES. I was listening to old Howard today and that is exactly what I need.

DrGoat said...

Have very little knowledge in that area, so I would be useless to you, but, like nolan, I hope you find the right Baba Looey, or Rocky, or Kato. I could be a sometimes researcher in areas I might know a bit about, like 50s-60s stuff. Anyway, get that thing started! Time is of the essence. Really looking forward to it.

Caffeinated Joe said...

Hope you find the person you are looking for. Maybe try posting on FB or Reddit or Twitter, looking for the podcast person you seek?

Nick Ward said...


I've been busy finishing making my TV show - final weeks it's madness! But I have, however, been also working on making my own podcast. We've just been doing it ourselves with a lot of piss, vinegar and goodwill. The hardest thing has been finding someone to mix the finished results into something that sounds almost professional. I found a local recording/mixing studio to do this for me because I couldn't be arsed editing it myself - honestly that's where the hard stuff happens. To record I used an excellent Yeti USB microphone and Garage Band on my laptop. They're half and hour which comes out at a terrifying 80MB each we're working on condensing that down to a more manageable 30MB which is more "friendly" for the hosting sites. You will need to pay out to a hosting site and this is an unavoidable cost as far as I can see. We have 12 episodes in the can (1st season) but costs quickly mount up. All this is stepping out into uncharted territory for me but I'm happy to share the experience as it happens and help you avoid any unexpected pitfalls.

I'll keep you posted.


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I would consider that a gift. I would love to here what you do and how you got there. I have a vision. I just need someone that believes in the product.