Wednesday, June 6, 2018

It's My Advice As A Pop Culture Professional That You Need To See SOLO

Stop following the fake news and go see SOLO. It's really fun. It's a good heist film and checks off all the Han Solo backstory boxes. Lando is terrific as is the entire cast. I am pleased the kid just didn't do a Harrison Ford imitation. Oh and I like that the 'Han Shot First' controvery was finally put to rest. Don't believe the haters. You know I would never steer your guys wrong as far as my opinion on a movie goes. Trust me now. I am tired of hearing how this film is a failure when it is anything but. RON FREAKIN HOWARD directed this and that alone demands you giving it a look if you are any kind of Star Wars fan. After the slog that were Force Awakens and Last of the Jedi, this is a refreshing surprise. Did I mention how awesome Donald Glover is as Lando?? Because he really is. Watching how Han got the Milennium Falcon from Lando is better than the stories you have heard.

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Rob R said...

I concur wholeheartedly!