Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Lego Black Panther - Trouble In Wakanda

Omg. Such a fantastic family friendly animated superhero short done in the Lego style. It was fun 22 minutes of madness with Thanos, Killmonger and Klaw against the Infinity War Avengers and Doctor Strange. It's a weird mash up of elements from both films. Even my beloved General Okoye shows up with a friend of hers. Another great moment that put a smile on my face.

I really did enjoy it and am happy that this animation style exists. Most all of their productions are visually fun, character and story accurate and most importantly, never a let down for fans of the property be it Black Panther or Star Wars or any of the other dozen such shorts that Lego has created over the years. I also really like their longer movies like The Batman Movie. Yes they are only created to sell more product from Lego but when the results are this solid and entertaining, I can cut them some slack for having an actual business model.

The Lego Univsere style of animation is slick and colorful and I like watching the pieces come apart and make that sound just like regular lego does when one's creations fall part. A lot of thought has gone into creating a world where everything is actually made from Lego. I know that sounds like it would be easy but the illusion is very difficult to create and maintain. So much so that you never question the logic of anything you see. The physics are solid as my Dad used to say.

I will never lose my anger for the fact that I could never play Black Panther with the Lego I had back in my day. No vibranium pieces. Just ordinary coloured squares and rectangles. But I have no problem with the sets created just so kids can continue the same adventure they just watched. The show plays like a video game, which is something else I would play. Mostly because since it was designed for a younger gamer, I might actually live more than 30 seconds.