Friday, June 8, 2018

My Open Letter To The Idiot Mass Audience

TIMELESS Season Three will be the biggest and best season ever. I don't want to tip my suggestion to make the show even better but I couldn't resist sharing.

Now to those mutant freaks out there who NEVER give any of my cations a single like. You give a Pringles chip picture a like but you pass on MY genius? It's can't be that I am wrong about how very entertaining these are. Of course the rest of you are wrong. Unless you aren't seeing these for some reason because only six ...people follow me according to Facebook Robot records. Then I give you a pass and you will never see my harsh words anyways. Except of course the six people who do toss me a bone now and then. Those people are intelligent people who can get a good joke so I have no issues with them. They know who they are and I know who they are. They support the struggles of an artist. They know the pain of creation.

The ones that really make me mental are the ones who SEE the captions but have no response good or bad. That is a deliberate and very passive agressive act of a person with borderline personality disorder. I hate to diagnose without any credentials but there you have it.

The rest of you in the idiot mass audience?

I don't know from the rest of you in the idiot mass audience.

Thank you for your attention to this matter - The Management and Staff of Cave of Cool Enterprises Inc.