Monday, June 3, 2013

League Of Extraordinary Bloggers - Bringing Back A Cool Property

Bring it back! What product or media property would you like to see revived, and how would you imagine it being different today?
The first property that everyone will want to bring back first would most likely be Firefly. I however do not share that belief. As far as I am concerned those 14 episodes are perfect and no one can ever spoil them by trying to recapture the lightning in the bottle. I have read the comic book stories and of course watched the movie, Serenity.

I know the complete saga and despite that, I can return to this show over and over again - and each time I become stronger in my belief that I will not tolerate anyone messing with it's perfection. You can share this show with a newbie and watch how entertained and involved they become in the story and the characters. And you can be there to dry their tears when they are told there are only so many episodes and then that is it. Everything has it's time and Firefly had it's shot at immortality, which, surprisingly it earned with a handful of well written and acted episodes. Keep your mitts OFF, Hollywood.
If a property wants to come back you have to start with totally new characters in a familiar universe. So for my liking I want to see Star Trek return to TV. This time however, the whole thing is set at Starfleet Academy in San Francisco and will follow the students through their first 4 years and subsequent posting to a Starship. You could pull in all kinds of alien races and make interesting connections between them and tell the great kind of morality plays that Star Trek does so well.

There could also be some cross media productions like an online Starfleet Academy where schlubs like me can learn the skills that would make me worthy to serve on a starship.

Aside from introducing new characters to the Star Trek Universe you could also look to the past because EVERY important character ever to be on a starship, of course, went through the Academy and they all have interesting tales to tell.

Not to mention the real buzz that the series will create when characters from the big screen do a guest star stint on the TV version. Or can you imagine a visit from Picard during a Borg infestation of Earth? More cross pollenization if you will to keep the property alive in the mind of the public. These cash cows don't come around everyday, you know.


TS Hendrik said...

I could see that being interesting.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Its a rather interesting if somewhat delicate question as it seems every time we turn around Hollywood is licensing the revival of some property for TV or Movies, so finding a property that hasn't been reimagined already is gonna be something of a challenge.

I think you may be on to something here with a Starfleet Academy TV Series. All the fans are comping at the bit to get Trek back on TV after these reboots, which they were already calling "Star Trek 90210" so why not show some of these new kids actually be in school? Plus setting it at a single location would save a truckload of money on weekly location scouting and outdoor set design.

Kal said...

You could bring back old Star Trek actors as instructors and have location shoots all over the planet since they can teleport anywhere they need to go. Could also use the Red Squad idea, the elite cadets and the moral decisions they are forced to make in the field - or field trips as they cadets call their missions. Future Earth would be a cool overall setting for the series. There. I just wrote the first year for ya.

Michael Lynn P. said...

Well my answer will of course be tied to toys. A new TV series would hopefully mean a cool Star Trek line like the super fun line from the 90s. I would be down!

Toys aside, you have really thought this thing through. I think your idea would be pretty cool. (And this is coming from someone who only really collected the toys back then. lol)

Katarina said...

Hi, Do you know what "the year of grace" is on the Starfleet Academy diploma?

Katarina said...

I would also like to know which year of the Academy this is. Thanks!