Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hell On Wheels - Season Five - Episode One

How dare they make me like and feel sorry for the Swede in those first minutes then have him fully resort to form. I agree with Cullen's wife. Just kill the Swede and be done with it. He has escaped being hung at the end of Season One so trying to hang him ONE MORE TIME is just playing with fate. But this time he is finally gone and that chapter is finished and ended the way it should have with justice being served. This is not the Wild West anymore. The railway represents civilization. I am glad they got it over with early so that Cullen no longer has to worry about this impediment to his finishing of the building of the Railroad which is the real story still be told.

*If there is any kind of justice in the world then we should be seeing Anson Mount and Christopher Heyerdahl’s names next year for the Emmy’s. Throughout the entire series they’ve both shown time and time again what amazing actors they are. This episode in particular really shines a light on their talent since the two men have to carry the bulk of the episode between each other.

A funny thing tends to often happen to us when it comes to AMC’s “Hell on Wheels“: Somehow, we continue to constantly underrate it in our head, and every time it returns with new episodes we’re continually surprised by just how good it is. Maybe a part of it is because it’s not spoken about enough in the media, or maybe a part of it simply comes down to it finding a way to outdo itself time and time again.

Either way, there was some masterwork throughout Saturday’s midseason premiere, an episode that you could argue was the culmination of a several-year journey in the relationship / showdown of Cullen Bohannon versus The Swede. The two men finally made it to a point where there was no other course but violence; specifically, Swede made it that way by hunting down Cullen’s wife Naomi and family, laying waste to many of them. In true Western hero fashion Cullen arrived there just in time to keep Naomi alive, and engage in what was one of several great exhausted man-battles of the night. In between these sequences and the mud fight a ways back, few shows really do this better. Yes, it’s real life: People actually do get tired.


DrGoat said...

I agree. Glad that's out of the way, but wow. I had the same
thoughts about the beginning with Swede's back story. So well
done. I recorded it so I can watch it again. I also agree that
those two should get some acknowledgement for their performances.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Everything you say is the truth.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I've put this on my Netflix "to watch" list now. I need more hours in a day!

Brian Adams said...

Such a great episode. I still will not believe that the Swede is truly done. He is immortal -- I expect him to show up in the next episode with half his skin ripped away to reveal the robot inside.

DrGoat said...

Had similar thoughts. Expected him to jump up after being
hanged and go crazy. Although I think he's done for.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I watched really closely. Once he let go of his bowels I knew he was done. But couldn't they have shown the body chopped up and burned just to be sure. I will still hear that voice in my nightmares though.