Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Killing Joke Trailer

This is the first R-Rated animated film from DC and I hope it will be as good as the comic book written by Alan Moore - yes, THAT Alan Moore of Watchman fame. Mark Hamill is back as the Joker with Kevin Conroy at Batman. This is the one where Barbara Gordon is shot and paralyzed and the Commissioner Gordon is tortured. In the end of the comic book I believe that Batman killed the Joker but that scene is ambiguous at best. I hope he does kill him in the film because that is the point of the book - how far does the Joker have to push Batman to get our hero to kill someone in cold blood?

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Jordan said...

It looks bad, insofar as the animation is in that crude style and, especially, the actor doing Batman isn't any good.

And they changed the dialogue! Why not keep that iconic opening monologue: "Hello. I came to talk. About me. About you." What's the point of altering it?

Oh well.