Thursday, June 9, 2016

Opps I Over Posted Today. Hit Publish When I Should Have Saved For Future Days

Enjoy you freaks. And do me a nice favor and help get me over 2000 visits today. That is my current benchmark that shows a nice page of work is appreciated by my great followers out there. Toss me a bone here. I haven't been sleeping good. The nightmares have returned which just exhausts me all day and turns my morning mood into one filled with rage about things that have no control over my real day life. It's takes hours to shake the after affects of those 'sleeps'. Only since I had been shot have I experienced this. Usually I can direct those dreams a bit to make them less crazed and frenetic but not last night. It was just all conflict with people I didn't know just so I could get from one point to another, while trying to get to a phone so I could get a ride to rescue me from the college I was trapped in during a storm....often without shoes on.

Figure that one out Dr. Freud.


DrGoat said...

Bad dreams will really mess with your day. A week ago when
I was on morphine and some other stuff, I had very vivid,
not very pleasant dreams. One in particular concerning a
guy I knew had a former job. Hated that prick. He was evil.
I was stuck in a crappy car trying to get home and the person
driving kept going in the wrong direction and stopping at places
I didn't want to be. Felt just creepy the whole next day.
Nightmares suck.
PS Just multiply Debra's and my comments by 10. Should put you
over the desired number.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

You two are always so great about commenting and giving me at least some feedback which is all that a blogger craves.

DrGoat said...

It's easy with you my friend.