Sunday, June 19, 2016

TV This Week

More sadness and depravity and I can't get enough. I binged two episodes and it was a great trippy ride as it was always meant to be. The Beauty Queen coming back to 'life' shows the powers and limitations of Jessie's abilities. So many rewards in this program even if you have never seen a Preacher comic in your life. It was a weird book. This show is weird but in a cool Twin Peaks sort of way. The writing is so good and one scenes layers upon the next. There IS a mystery here and the journey to the 'truth' is worth a bit of confusion at the start. Nothing matters but everything matters if that makes any sense.
Hell on Wheels
Damn if I do love the suffering that Cullen Bohannon goes through for his nobility. He is ready to humble himself before that asshole Brigham Young just to give Naomi back her life. That is real love. To sacrifice your desires for the good of another person - even if it crushes you to do it. It's so great when a western tale about the railway can make a grown man cry but there you have it. I love watching all these stories coming to an end and I appreciate the time and attention that the creators gave to ending each character's arc with respect to the actors and the audience. Everyone really is going to get what is coming to them and I like to see that happen. I like Fong and Cullen being able to express their love for each other after all this time. But everything about their future will have to wait for the completion of the railway which is ALL that matters to our hero now.

I am out of shows to binge on now that I am all caught up with COPS and DEADLIEST CATCH. Another summer of BIG BROTHER starts this week. I have seen the first episode of THE LAST SHIP and that was good although I hate to see characters I care about being killed or put into danger. That show has a way of getting me involved unlike any other Michael Bay project. I usually find him tiresome. His name must just be on this project and he personally must be hands off because none of his usual stupid 'flourishes' are here.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

We are busy speculating what the entity inside the Preacher is. I have my theories.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

well lay it on me sister girl.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Well, okay but don't tell me if I'm right or wrong -- no spoilers please! -- I want to learn the truth as the series unfolds. The obvious thing is to think that the entity is Satan, but I think that it is actually God. It was looking for a spiritual leader strong enough to truly contain the Holy Spirit, which is a very rare thing. I love how it blew Tom Cruise apart. And I think the two beings hunting the entity to re-contain it are a couple of Archangels -- Michael and Gabriel, probably.

DrGoat said...

Thought the scene where Cullen gives the fathers speech
to his son was very touching.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

You are very perceptive Debra. I won't spoil a thing. I hope you stick with it. I am digging it big time.

That speech was Emmy Worthy because I dare any man to say he didn't have a tear in his eye watching that. I personally wept like a little girl and I loved it.