Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Pouch?

I actually have doubts that Liefeld created this character because it would show that Liefeld can laugh at himself and get the joke - two things he has NO ability to do. This Pouch character is actually a cute idea who could stand beside Deadpool and make an entertaining comic under the right writer. If he did create this character then Liefeld is actually a bigger idiot for not seeing the comedy potential.
The two biggest wraps on Liefeld's sense of 'design' is that he can't draw feet so his characters essentially have no feet. He can't figure out how they move in space so he just doesn't draw them. The other one is that all his characters have bands of POUCHES on their bodies that they NEVER draw anything from. No ammunition or medical supplies or a snack. NOTHING. Why have pouches if you have nothing to put in them. At least Batman uses the pouches on his utility belt for shit he NEEDS. And you see him use that stuff to save his live most every issue. This NEVER happens in a Liefeld comic. Also the pouches are on the legs most times and I always wonder how they keep from falling off while fighting or dancing or just sitting. THAT is why THE POUCH is a dig. A very smart and one the mark, dig at the hack Liefeld.
Now if I were writing him I would have The Pouch be indespensible in any situation. With him and Domino on a team NO ONE could defeat them. Her luck powers combined with The Pouch's ability to have ANYTHING anyone could possibly need in any concievable situation would make them invincible. They could defeat Galactus if the world needed them to. 
The contents of those pouches are unlimited and only The Pouch knows what is in each pouch and where that pouch is on his body. Pouches and organization consume him so much so that sloppyness makes him homicidal. So just pick up after yourself when he is around and you will get along just fine with THE POUCH.
See how easy it is?


Rob R said...

Haha! I love how much thought you put into this post... I, on the other hand, just threw it out there!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Oh I give a lot of thought to ANYTHING Liefeld related. He's a menace.