Tuesday, December 11, 2012

League Of Extraordinary Bloggers

If money was not a concern and you could choose any career path, what would be your ultimate dream job?

I have mentioned this before. I would love to be on a 12 month contract riding around the planet in a spacecraft while doing something for someone. I can push buttons with the best monkeys out there. Think of Sam Rockwell in the movie Moon. That was a sweet gig.

I would also be the perfect man to send to Mars ahead of the real scientists. I could do three years standing on my head if you meet a few of my conditions - supplies like cashews, garlic stuffed olives and Pop Tarts, the cat, Internet access, and NO CREWMATES lest I woosh them out the nearest airlock. It would be a hoot to put on the spacesuit and go for a walk around the complex. Everyday I would try to hit a golf ball just a little bit further than the day before.

Or maybe I would like to work in Antarctica at some South Pole research station. Hell I can deal out my balloon juice from pretty much anywhere on the planet and SOMEONE has to sit in that cold chair. Why can't it be me?


DrGoat said...

I think I'd like to raise me a crop of dental floss and retire on the profits, go to space and be your neighbor. I can fetch golf balls.

DrGoat said...

(credit to Frank Zappa)

david_b said...


Can't wait. I strongly believe I'd be of the same ilk as Rockwell.

DrGoat said...

Think you will enjoy it. It's a good flick.