Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Hobbit (2012)

Hobbits really are the most remarkable of creatures.

I loved the whole long saga. SURE - everyone we cared about was indestructible against treats ten times their size and there were two fight scenes too many but few kids will forget the first time they sat in a theatre to watch this epic. I personally can get none to many of those last minute saves when you have to account for EVERYONE being rescued. Don't tell me who won't make it to the end of the story because I think I finally have all the dwarfs identified and separated.

I thought reading too many reviews or the length would turn me off but it didn't for second. I just wanted to know more and see more. Early on had I to suspend my disbelief in way I never had too in the original LOTR. I suspect my feelings have everything to due with the 3D/48 fps innovation. It looked fakey (well more fakey) at times and it pulled me out of the adventure while placing me someplace just as good at the same time. I will never believe this happened but with so many good and bad guys, this was the only way to go. The story has to play like the fevered dream it is. If I have understood the book at 14, I wouldn't have bought the movie for a minute. And that is coming from a kid who read alot.

The film is filled with many many glorious moments both large and small. I liked the battle Thorin Oakensheild has with the gumby fellow in the burning forest. It has all the heroic mythology you would want in a tale from Middle Earth. What better time for Bilbo to find his mojo and his courage.

I was charmed and enthralled and delighted that director Peter Jackson felt like showing off everything that he could do with this novel. I suspect he overdid it to lay all doubts to rest.

I may never read the original book because I have no problem with this being my definitive version of this story in my head - despite it not being the purest version of the tale.

Even this disguised character (who I don't want to reveal lest I spoil anything) shows up to make trouble and his scenes with Bilbo are the true highlight of the film.

I admit, I teared up at many points. That has a lot to do with the performance of Martin Freeman as Bilbo. Hobbits still are delightful to be around when things are bad. That smile they get on their faces when everything turns out fine for the moment is priceless.

Peter Jackson captures those kind of character affirming moments better than anyone. The Hobbit has the same kind of story beats and breaks that LOTRs did and I for one, found the whole experience hopefully reassuring, especially with all the bad that we are experiencing in our real world this holiday season. Now I want all the good guys to win. Someone please tell me they win.

And that Gloin is Gimli's father, right?

I understand the movie ends just over half way through the book. Is there enough story left to sustain two more films. I ask those of you who have read the book to fill me in.


tengeckoes said...

Haven't seen the movie yet, but I understand that Jackson is including material from The Lord Of The Rings appendices to fill out the story. The appendices explain where Gandalf went and what he was doing between when he left the dwarf company and when he returns at the Battle of Five Armies. He had a whole separate adventure with the wizards going on, which ties into the story of the Ring.

DrGoat said...

Sounds like what I heard too. I read the Hobbit when I was 13 or 14 also. Read it several times soon after. It kinda fit with the lifestyle and other 'stuff' going on in the 60s. We all had long hair and dressed like the Buffalo Springfield and did Hobbit things like smoke pipe weed. A lot of that. Gloin is Gimli's father. I used to know all the connections of those dwarfs, but don't remember without cheating and looking it up on the web. Going to see the movie the day after Christmas. Should be fun. I'll have to adjust what I thought everyone looked like in my head, to what they look like in the movie. Happens with every movie they make out of a book that I have actually read.

bliss_infinte said...

I've seen it twice already and didn't want it to end. In fact after my wife and I got home from the theater we popped in the extended version of Fellowship and have been watching LOTRs nightly since. It's indeed thoroughly a fun flick!

Kal said...

So many nice moments when you just lose your breath.

" friends. You bow to NO ONE."

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Glad you enjoyed it so much! I'll wait for the crowds to die down before I go see it.

tengeckoes said...

You just made me sniffle a little, Kal...