Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tomorrow Is The Season Three Finale Of 'Boardwalk Empire'

“I need a bath, some chow, and then you and me sit down and we talk about who dies.” - Al Capone

There are some TV shows that you know as you are watching them that they will stick with you for a lifetime. As a longtime fan of television I can say with some authority that this show is the finest collection of character actors that I have seen in my lifetime. Even the secondary performances are interesting to watch. Some roles (like Richard, the disfigured but honorable WWI vet) break your heart and others (like Gyp the sadistic rival to Nucky's criminal empire) scare you right down to your soul.

But there was nothing cooler that the look on Al Capone's face as he showed up as Nucky's savior at the end of last week's episode. The glee that he displayed, knowing that this was his chance to move up to the big leagues while violently leveling out the playing field, was glorious to watch.

Al Capone has been mostly in the background this season and I appreciate him being held back until he could be used to maximum storytelling effect. Instantly I felt that Nucky now had a chance to actually survive Gyp's nearly successful attack on his empire and life. We all know that Capone is the one who eventually rises to be the top gangster in America and it will be fascinating to watch how he gets there, as it's been fascinating to watch him all series.

I hope most of you have been enjoying this series but if you let this one pass you buy it's really worth your time to catch up on all the machination surrounding the illegal booze trade during Prohibition. Some of the characters are based on the actual historical figures and some have been invented to add color to the overall tale but everything serves the greater epic story arc where not very nice people do terrible things to one another in the name of profit. What is a more American story than that?

If HBO was in the room with me right now I would kiss that magnificent network right on the mouth with tongue. We live in a golden age my friends. I am glad the Mayans were wrong and nothing will end for us one December 22. Things around here are just getting good.

Up next for me after Sunday's finale? - the last five episodes of the latest season of The Walking Dead which I have been saving for the perfect all day marathon. I think I will serve hot chicken wings because tearing into that chicken flesh somehow feels appropriate for the material.

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