Monday, June 13, 2016

X-MEN: APOCALYPSE (The Animated Movie)


This is the cut together story arc from X-Men Evolution - an excellent use of the X-men as mostly teenagers complete with their own teen foes. At the end of the series Apocalypse was the main villain and was as terrifying as he should be. We get lots of characters shown using their powers over a long story arc which is why we love the X-Men in the first place. This is a pretty good edit of those final six or so episodes in the series, which is entirely worth a watch on it's own. Lots of mutant teen ennui as we see these characters as high school students. It's the perfect environment for the characters who are learning how to use their mutant powers. Some buy into the program. Many don't and how this show balances the two and overlaps the two, made this one of interest to me. Worth you time if you are into cartoons like this.

Apocalypse looks great.

Several seasons mean lots of mutant characters like the New Mutants.
Colossus. He is aligned with Magneto but still cool to see.
I love how the movie, like the show, had time for lots of characters and a cool mix of mutant powers to show off. And people say an X-Men series would never work on TV. This series shows the potential of the concept. Someone just needs the vision to make the program...and maybe Netflix to finance.

I remembered that I did have some toys from the show.

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