Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cultural Compulsive Disorder

Cultural Compulsive Disorder is one of the other blogs that I contribute to. Mike D and his team have always been big fans of the stuff I do here at the Cave of Cool. CCD is one of the sites that I look to keep up with all the great things that are going on in pop culture.
Do me a favor and check them out. I think you will find alot there to like. I have struggled lately to come up with posts for them that are unique and fit into their philosophy. Either they get to the item first or I love their posts so much that I have to repost them here. This is my latest contribution. Hopefully it will appeal to their fans as much as I know it does to my people.
At this time of year I get nostalgic for the best parts of Christmas from my childhood and there was truly nothing better than looking at the toys in the Sears Wishbook catalogue. For a collector like me it's great to see all the accessories and vehicles you could get to go with the terrific action figures from those times. Just look at those PRICES! If I ever get my time machine to work I will head straight to the 70s. With 100 dollars I could go to any year in that decade and buy everything on the page.




Super-Duper ToyBox said...

ooOOoo nice Matchbox Voltron! I always admired theat Space: 1999 ship- really cool!

david_b said...

As I just commented on the Space1970 site (saw your post..), loved the AMT Trek ships, but that Mattel Eagle was one ship I always wanted back in the day.

Skip ahead 20yrs, and after visiting a few toy auctions in Illinois, I bought a near perfect one. Found a great Canadian modelers site for ultra-cool slide-on decals, so without any dismantling/repainting, it now resides as my most prized posession. The decal sheets included details for the white plastic life support packs and uniform patches.

It's HUGE and worth every penny you invest into it.

It simply ROCKS.

Kal said...

That one is on my grail list. Can you imagine finding one in the box for 14 dollars. Damn, I would buy 10 of them.

david_b said...

Sir, despite our loyal, celebrated differences. you can certainly bank on my praises. It's awesomeness is unmeasured by today's standards. I would matte/frame the color paper box illustration, if I found one reproduced with high-enough quality.

Now if I can just find one of those Buck Rogers Starfighter ships(for action figures...).

Or FAR better yet, that limited release Mattel Galactica LandRam (for under $8000, it's current eBay postings...), only released in Canada.

david_b said...

I also still have that Catina backdrop. Traded my buddy back in the day for it, and I still have it sealed flat somewhere in the basement for posterity.

Always had an urge to by a vintage Kenner Falcon or X-Wing, but never got around to it. The Kenner (US) Deathstar set is still mighty impressive.