Sunday, December 2, 2012


Boy Meet World was one of those series like iCarly that I watched from the beginning and never missed an episode during their respective runs. It still holds up to this day. Watching the child character on BMW grow into young adults held my interest for years because the show was so well written. Mr Feenie (William Daniels) was someone I learned how to be a better teacher from. I hope the old characters (now playing married adults with children of their own) still have their magic. Topanga had the greatest hair back in the day and I still have a crush on Danielle Fishel who never stopped being adorable.

If you think Danielle has lost any of her comedy chops you need not worry. On The Soup she did a hilarious spoof of Lindsay Lohan and her role in the Elizabeth Taylor biopic, Liz and Dick. Lohan is already hilarious enough as a caricature of herself but this is still pretty sweet. You can see the video by going HERE.
Boy Meets World is an American television sitcom that chronicles the coming of age events and everyday life-lessons of Cory Matthews (played by Ben Savage), a Philadelphian who grows up from a young boy to a married man. The show aired for seven seasons from 1993 to 2000 on ABC, part of the network's TGIF lineup.

In November 2012 it was reported that Disney Channel is in the early stages of development of a follow-up series titled Girl Meets World, which will center around Cory and Topanga's 13-year-old daughter. Boy Meets World co-creator Michael Jacobs will develop the series and serve as its executive producer and showrunner. On November 26, 2012, it was confirmed by Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel that they are joining Girl Meets World.  According to a statement from Fishel, it is unknown if the other stars will return.

The pilot is expected to be taped in February 2013, with auditions to be held starting in mid-November 2012 for the lead roles of Riley Matthews, the daughter of Cory and Topanga, Maya, a witty friend of Riley's who has a troubled past and Elliot, Riley's older brother. The character of Cory Matthews is also reported to be a seventh-grade history teacher who looks after Riley and Maya in the series.


G C said...

Sweet. Topanga!

Jeremy [HWR Curator] said...

she is a top of the lister, for the you know list...

Mikeyboy said...

I always wanted to Take her cave man style

Kal said...

Just as long as you don't mess up her hair. Nothing can be allowed to ruin that hair.

david_b said...

Much agreed, LOVED her on the Soup. Missing her terribly on there. A sexy, hot lady whose also VERY FUNNY..?!?

Rare indeed.

Yes, agreed, don't mess with the hair.