Friday, April 8, 2016

T Is For Toys - A-Z Challenge - The Letter T

Nothing I love more than purchasing a nice toy for my Collection of Cool. These are ones I already have or am currently on the hunt for. Oh to live in American with their hillbilly garage and toy sales.
I am so glad they released this product to go with the movie. I want one to keep in package and one to open up and I never do that. I hope it has the line 'It's a hustle, Sweetie.' That's my favorite. I am happy to always see fresh toys that I want to add to my Collection of Cool - toys that mean something to me for reasons I guess only I understand.
Love that Judy Hopps PVC figure. Something about a Bunny Cop that I just have a thing for.


No one makes models anymore unless you got to find them in a specialty toy shop or online. I would love scanning the whole ROW of cheap models you could get back in the day. It was fun during the long summer days to actually have something to create and have something to show for your effort in the end. Of course later on most of these models got destroyed when we discovered fireworks but that was all part of the model building adventure. You kids and your Internets have destroyed a fine hobby...and the chance to sniff that premium model glue and spray pain.

It's amazing that in a world awash with REAL guns that you can't find cool toys like these on the shelves anymore. Not one kid ever died playing with the toy guy, unless of course some cop made the mistake and shot him which is another reason some kids in some urban areas should never play with a gun, even a goy one. It's sad. As kids we were outfitted like mercenaries when we played 'guns'.
40 years old and still in beautiful condition.

I still chase a HUGO because of the disguises.

12 inch Super Powers cap is too pricey but nice and simple.

12 inch Joes with the silver spacesuits are just awesome.

This is the toy I had with the lowest play value ever. You spent hours putting the connections together to make a lie detector that didn't even work. It's the reason I am a not an electrician.

These look so good. Looking forward to the summer appearance in Canada

The best toy gun ever. The discs fired with enough force to knock over an army man or a card house. You could also get speed loaders to you could change magazines on the fly. Great stuff. But of course the house was usually covered in those rings which I still find years later.

Ah those early 90s.
Great animated cartoons and great toys lines to go with thim
Still have this Supergirl in package.
The Herculoids will always be cool. Alex Toth really knew how to design a fine looking group of characters that translate perfectly to plastic. I wish I had all the figures they do. I have Birdman and Avenger but not the Galaxy Trio or Space Ghost.

I still am chasing down this Ahsohka Tano.

The many looks of Jean Grey.

Anything Iron Giant related is great.

It's the great packaging that can make the difference between a toy I want and one that I will leave on the shelf. This Jack Tenrec Cadillac and Dinosaur's car has both great design as a toy and is beautifully packaged.

Funko still makes monster's fun even those from the 50s.

If I was able to access US toy and garage sales I would collect all of these Legion of Doom and Justice League figures and display them in one place. Loose/complete is cheaper but harder to find but it is worth the effort if you want to fill those little holes in the Collection of Cool.

They are most customs. Amazing work by an artist I will feature next month. He is currently commissioned to complete an Calvin figure based on my heroic adventures. I have full confidence that he will make me look like a GOD.

Custom Rocket Robin Hood and Mighty Hercules customs take me back to childhood when those cartoons are the few we had to watch. No toys then but I would pay good money for one now.
The Big Jim PACK are Holy Grail figures from the 70s.
Sigh, these guys look so great.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

A new custom Calvin figure? Looking forward to that BIG REVEAL!

DrGoat said...

Those space rifles are hard to come by and valued by
collectors. I'm drooling a bit.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I know. Damn MARX made so much great stuff in those day.