Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tuesdays From The Toybox

12 inch Super Girl doll in cloth clothing for the win.

I miss the hysteria around this product.
As much as we tried we couldn't kill each other.

Evil or Mego are all on my grail list.
I had all these things as a kid.

These plastic sets are glorious. I would have begged for them.

Toy cars from the Superhero genre are still on my Grail List as well. I would love that James Bond car and everything else from both these adds.
This is an example of a game I would buy just for the box art.

12 inch heroes done in the 80s style.

I have all these figures from this line back in the days when I ordered them all for roughly five bucks each from EBay. Those were the days when you could get some great deals when scalpers had not yet discovered they could make a few trying to rip off whomever they can.

This Wasp is the favorite of the line for me.


j-swin said...

I'd give just about anything for a good jart set.

Dr. Theda said...

Just like the box set my Grand-Parents had when I was a kid...
(And I learned to be rather "deadly" at sinking them deep into trees.)