Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Captain America - Civil War

The first thing I am impressed with is how much the fight choreography has advanced since the first film. This IS Captain America. He moves and fights just you imagine in the comics. He has superpowers and every move proves it. I loved the first scene where we see the Avengers working together to take out some terrorists stealing biological samples. Even the one on one fight with Crossbones is great. I just see so much love and effort put into this entire production. I see the reason why some heroes think they need to be reigned in while others want no control put on their actions. Thus sets up the battle between the good guys. I don't want to see characters I am fans of have to fight people who should be their staunchest allies. The situation feels real and not comic booky at all. I totally bought everything the filmmakers were trying to sell me. This is a top notch superhero adventure film and I dare say better than the great film that the Winter Soldier was.

The fight choreography is electric as is the story that moves at a great pace. With this many characters I never felt that one was shortchanged in favor of another. I also renew my call for a Black Widow solo film with Scarlett Johanson starring. She is so good in this role that I forgive her for all the other drek I watched her in. She's the real deal here once again.

The Black Panther lives up to all the hype. I loved watching him in action. And as a character they did a fantastic job in bringing him to life, just in time for a Black Panther solo film, currently in production. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to that film. If it's anything like the 6 episode cartoon from BET then I will be very pleased. But his solo movie doesn't come out until 2018.

So how was Spidey? So scary good that I wish HIS next movie was on this weekend. I want to watch another Spider-Man filmed as something other than another origin story and with this kid cast as Peter Parker, I think we will get it. He totally sold it and his stunt performance cannot be overlooked. Once again another great character has been brought to life and introduced into the bigger marvel movie universe as a member of the Avengers. Usually he works alone but everything feels organic here. Peter's conversation with Stark in Peter's bedroom was golden. In fact the film has many nice comedy moments to balance out the more serious parts.

Marvel continues to put out great films with actors who are totally committed to bringing these comic book characters to life. I loved the huge ensemble cast and the story was interesting and exciting to watch. Marvel continues to raise the bar for this kind of genre storytelling.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Well, if it's better than "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" then it's great indeed, cuz I loved that last one! Can hardly wait to see this! It's been getting glowing reviews all over the place too.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Yeh when both the critics and the fans agree, it's a winner. So many neat parts.

Rob R said...

I LOVED IT! So glad I've been avoiding as much marketing as I can. Not having spoilers really made this even better than expected.