Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Damn These Look Good

It's that time again when the trailers for all the new shows are released. Thankfully someone collects some of the most interesting ones and that allows me a look at what I can expect. I was surprised to find several shows that I would watch from FOX of all places. I always am looking for something fresh to watch and I usually gave most new shows at least a look in the past. These days there is much too much choice out there to ever watch EVERYTHING. A good trailer, however, can go far to peak my interest. I will be watching for each one of these shows.

Too bad I have to wait until next FEBRUARY to watch it. I hate doing 24 as a week to week thing also. I wish they would release it all at once so I can could binge on it. That is the way I watched most of the seasons in this series which is amazing with Jack Bauer. But this new kid looks fresh and I like Jimmy Smitts who can be evil when he wants to be.

I hate being scared and I hate movies that deal with the church and the devil but I like the angle on this one where the mother could be crazy as everyone who believes in demonic possession should be. It's a perfect storm for bad things to happen and I do enjoy me a good train wreck. This one will have NO happy moments and I might enjoy that.

I do love me a good cop show and this one looks fresh and a little futuristic. I like that it's never been done this way before and on the strength of the trailer I want to see where this one goes. Like most things on FOX it will no doubt have a short life but I need some new shows to watch and this one interests me.

Topical and looks to ask the hard questions. If done right this could be another American Crime which was a series I hope comes back. I like the procedural and the shifting perspective of the case as people's own prejudices and agendas affect the course of justice.


Bob R Milne said...

Hugely excited for a new season of 24. It's one of those rare shows where I like the hour per week spoonfeeding. When I have sat down to binge-watch on the DVR, I find the flaws in the format more prevalent.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

That it true. But I did enjoy the binge just to get through it faster.

DrGoat said...

Like a good binge occasionally. I had surgery a few years back, (stuck at home for a week), so I took the opportunity to watch all of Breaking Bad, Dune (the TV show), and Deadwood. Plus about 12 movies.
Had a great time. Percocet and good TV. Sometimes it's what you need.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I loved that TV adaptation of DUNE. I never watched Deadwood but I like all the actors in it especially Timmy from Justified.

DrGoat said...

Oh Cal! You must see it. Please. You will be enthralled.
The dialog is the best I've heard in any movie or TV period.