Thursday, May 5, 2016

They Made Another One

 I once thought the endless sequels to POLICE ACADEMY were the very lowest point in our civilization. Once again I am overjoyed to be proven wrong. That pit is eternal and deep as infinity so we have room for at least 10 more of these SHARKNADO films. Hell, they haven't even gone back in time or space or to the bottom of the ocean. This gem is only getting revved up. And please don't ask me how they generate a SHARKNADO in space. I am not the writing genius that wrote this series. I would never dare claim to have his vision to create the SHAKESPERE of SHARKNADO films. And it's so true to life as well. Of COURSE the sharks would target or C and D list actors because they have the free time to fight back against the sharks. They have no movies to make or appearances to make. Even the game show cash has dried up by this point. Only at your lowest point do you realize that the world is worth saving from FREAKIN SHARKS WHO COME OUT OF TORNADOES - something that has happened to you and a select groups of others FOUR FREAKIN TIMES. How does that happen? What are the odds of both a rare weather event finding the same person that many times? I want someone to do the math. Will I watch? I almost have to at this point. I hate to leave a series unfinished and I am SURE there is no way they would ever set up a cliff hanger that leads right into SHARKNADO FIVE. Only maniacs or greedy Hollywood weasels would do such a thing and I choose to believe that people are better than that.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your faith in human nature is touching.

DrGoat said...

Indeed Debra. As for this piece of cinematic nonsense,
I think I will pass. Unlike the Balrog.