Monday, November 7, 2016

I Had To Watch - Storyville - Weiner

I am a big fan of American politics and government. So much so that I can tell you what will happen tomorrow after the election of Hillary Clinton of the first woman President of the US. Now I don't want to hear anyone's jibber jabber about this. I see the nuts on Facebook and I want to scream. But I also like knowing from whence the people who follow me come from. Most of the Trump guys for the most part seem nice except for this nasty streak of all the anti-rhetoric you can think of. They are anti gay, anti Muslim xenophobic white males. They long for a time when the white man kicked ass...something that existed so long ago that none of us can remember those times with any kind of reliability. I think the Internet and the connected world brought out the worst in everyone. All the people who made nasty memes or spouted nasty opinions or traditions. Personally I don't get what is so bad with Hillary. What IS the big deal with the email? It's nothing but balloon juice. Now Trump is another story. He's a genuine piece of work. The is what is created by a culture so course, dismissive and divisive that only another human or a group of humans could have orchestrated it. Trump was the Monster that Fox News created and he went ROGUE on them. He was never that controllable but once his belief in his own innate greatness was verified by the love of his followers he really went off message and off point to the frustration of everyone around him. Poor Kelly Anne who has to speak for this slug. What she does next can't be imagined. I hope she jumps this ship on Wednesday and then retires to her eternal shame. She's a smart girl so I know she get's it. She just can't make the leap in her mind. It's quite remarkable to watch actually.

Now Weiner is another think entirely. To watch him in the middle of his run for Mayor of New York while another texting scandal arises is often painful to watch. It's a sad look at one man's folly. He's crazy but very compelling at the same time.

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