Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Jack Reacher - Never Go Back

Okay, first, it's a long haul for me to believe Tom Cruise as an action hero despite all his Mission Impossible movies. He is just an actor ever playing the role to me. The same role over and over again. I am not a fan of his usually but for some reason I started this one and waited for the reasons to mock it or turn it off. I have yet to actually SEE him in action so let's hope the fireworks match up with the military conspiracy going on here. So far Tom is smarter and more competent than everyone around him. I suspect the first movie was just as ridiculous?

Except this time he has a girl with him who may be his daughter while he fights to free the girl Major he's been talking to over the phone. They never met in person but we are meant to believe that Reacher would go to such extremes to free her. Of course, all his shenanigans just put both women in jeopardy. He, of course, is always being chased but always one step ahead of everyone trying to kill him, especially the ONE guy they send to deal with this MAJOR BADASS. He of course is only there to fight with Reacher at the end of the movie.

SO MANY STUPID COINCIDENCES...but how else do you escape a prisoner from max security?? So many reasons why the US MILITARY should have stopped this balloon juice ten seconds into the escape. They seem so much more competent in The Last Ship.

Oh look, Tom is running.
And looking pensive, very pensive.
This one plays like the action book series it is sourced from. Everything is mapped and planned out and everything happens ONLY to advance the story a little bit. It's not a bad formula but it's a bit tired. You have seen it all before.


DrGoat said...

You pretty much hit the nail on the head with that one.

Rob R said...

i liked the first one... it was an unexpectedly fun rental. that said, i will see this when it is released on Netflix.

nolan said...

I like Tom but when I read the books I always imagine Reacher looking like Chris Hemsworth in Red Dawn. The books are pretty rad, btw. Lee Child is milking it a little by bringing out a book every year but they're solid pulp reads imho.