Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Doctor Strange Action Figure Collection Of My Dreams

Now I think that anything Doctor Strange is collecting GOLD but you know I am biased. I started my current toy collection with this Doctor Strange toy from Spider-Man's animated cartoon from the early 90s. All these years later I am happy to have the film and the figures in my life that I do own.

This Marvel Select Movie Doctor Strange is a gorgeous figure. So photorealistic at a tenth of the price of the Doctor Strange figure from Sideshow Toys. Plus that window accessory is very sweet.

I also have this Legend Doctor Strange in my collection.
I love the full look of the cape.
This is the Sideshow figure. Everything made from cloth and leather to create the most luxurious figure out there. 250 dollars but you can pay for it monthly. I will never own one of these but after DOOM, this would be my first choice.

I am so happy I bought this figure months ago.
Such a great rendition of the classic Doctor Strange.

And if you can find him the ten dollar Funko is cool and a great deal. I need to find this guy. Such a great little figure. Look at all those details.
And one for the Grail list - Mego Doctor Strange custom.

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