Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Toys That Are Going to Sell Out Over and Over This Holiday Season

Torch, My Blazin' Dragon ($69) reacts to your child's touch, "spits fire" and toasts marshmallows, and is soft enough to cuddle. Bitch, please! There is not any real fire going on here or some kid would use it to torch the Christmas tree.
50 dollars for all six, six inch DC Superhero Girls in one box?? That is less than ten dollars each and some great packaging. That is a collectible winner in my book.

It's one of the simplest but best board games out there. The TENSION that is created by waiting for the pie to hit the face is a lot of fun for kids or adults. Reminds me of the timebomb game that would explode and cover the kid who held it last with water. I am sure whip cream would have worked as well but we never thought of it.

Zoomer Chimp ($91, originally $120) is an interactive pet who will react to your child's voice. Sure it is all fun and games until someone tell their toy monkey to rip Mom's face off. Trust me, it will happen.
Paired with the smartphone app, the Sky Viper Hover Racer ($100) can race with other Hover Racers, compete in time trials, and race at 20 miles per hour through obstacle courses of your child's design. This doesn't look safe either. I can see these drones becoming weaponized once the kid get's bored with tormenting the pets.
These adorable Hatchimals eggs ($60) hatch into a furry friend that will interact with your child. Why does every toy have to interact with my child? Can't they be powered by imagination instead of coming with their own personalities.
Poppy's Styling Station ($20) gives your kiddo a chance to play with and style Poppy's most notable feature - her hair! Damn I hate these things. I would only buy this to expose it to a cleansing fire to destroy the evil within. The movie also looks like crap.


DrGoat said...

I agree, that troll movie looks awful. Plus, why spend 20$ for a styling station, when all you need is a match or a lighter.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Thank you. I just hate everything about those Trolls.