Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Brief History Of Rom Spaceknight

Great read on the greatest of the Spaceknights.
“Rom is a spaceman doll whose computer memory gives it a disappointingly narrow range of behavior. It breathes heavily (one of its better effects), buzzes, twitters and flashes its lighted eyes, and sounds ominous gongs, one for good and two for evil. The trouble with this Parker Bros. homunculus is that it looks as if it should be able to use its arms and legs like a true robot, and it can’t. Rom will end up among the dust balls under the playroom sofa.”

Read More: A Brief History of ‘ROM: Spaceknight’ in Marvel Comics | http://comicsalliance.com/rom-spaceknight-comics/?trackback=tsmclip


DrGoat said...

I'll take one anyway. Any day.

DrGoat said...

Besides, a narrow range of behavior is my middle name.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Mine too. And shiny lights to hypnotize me. What more can a young boy want? Well besides extra batteries.