Saturday, November 12, 2016

I Saw This Guy A Few Days Ago

One of the very kind people on the Innisfail sales site on Facebook posted this picture of a poor hungry little kitty that was crying outside her home. After posting all over town and online to find the owner and taking the cat to the vet, it was determined that the cat was 7 years old but a little small. No way he would have survived the winter alone. A light went into my head and I messaged her saying I would take him if she couldn't find his owner. He looked like he needs a lot of love and I need something to love and care for. I think the Admiral would be proud of me to give this kitty a good life.
Now I need a kickass name for him. I doubt he will tell me what they called him when he had owners.
Well I knew him long enough for him to go missing in the house. I can't find him anywhere and I left some salmon out and he is not around. GRRRR.
Okay, he just came out from under my Mom's bed to get some water so I am happy he is still doing okay. Not a meow out of him so far. He loves the scratches but he has to put on some weight. I have also chosen a name for him.
 I call him Major Thomas Wellington. Doctor/Surgeon currently detatched from the Royal Navy to do 'special' missions for Her Majesty. He's a cat but he is not JUST a cat.


j-swin said...

He looks like a "Mortimer" to me.

csmith2884 said...

The Admiral would want you to be happy. A rescue is a wonderful gift you give to yourself, and you my friend, deserve gifts more than most.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Thank you my Brothers.

Tim Knight said...

Wellington is a very lucky cat to have found you. I hope you two have many, many adventures together!

DrGoat said...

Likewise. The Admiral would wholeheartedly approve. He's got a face full of character. Hope he settles in and realizes it was good fortune that brought you two together. I'm really happy you found each other. Like cs said, you deserve each other.