Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And Don't Think You Are Getting Your Breadmaker Back Either

First of all they steal your ricemaker and when you dive down to retrieve it they make a big deal about holding onto it. This is why we can't ever have anything nice with octopus around.

Oh and on a side note, isn't that the most awesomely clear footage under the water that you have ever seen? Or is that what super HD looks like all the time? I can't watch my old stupid big screen anymore without such resolution. I can't. I won't and you are mean to make me.


DrGoat said...

And he's got his buddy crabby on point. Probably taps out a warning on the lid.
HD is nice, isn't it.

Kal said...

We have HD channels but nothing like that on our TV. I definately gotta upgrade.

Don't get me started on those crabby collaborators. I love 'Deadliest Catch' because everytime a full pot comes up I just yell 'Thats what you get!" at the screen. The cephalopods get the crab to do their dirty work but raise not one tentacles to free them from those traps when they are caught together. That's a buddy for you. Stupid ass crabs.