Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Walking Dead

For several years I have enjoyed the work of Robert Kirkman and his excellent black and white comic book, "The Walking Dead" which tells the story of several survivors of the zombie holocaust who band together for safety as they travel the country looking for a place that is safe from not only the zombies but the humans who just like them are trying to survive. If you know the stories you know how gripping the trip has been for our merry little band of campers. AMC - one of the best cable outlets for drama out there - have bought the rights and this fall the series begins. It can be a grim tale of survival with few moments of joy but if they stick to the quality of shows like 'Breaking Bad' and 'Mad Men' you will not want to miss this show. Check out the trailer and decide for yourself.


Sam G said...

Damn. I was hoping it would start earlier in October. Can't. Wait.

Kal said...

Have you read the comics. I read the first fifty issues in one shot. You just can't put the story down. I am saving up the last twenty and digest it all in one shot. He really is a great storyteller. Invincible is a great comic too. I am glad he found his voice.