Thursday, March 26, 2015

The History Of Marvel Characters - Day One

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I found a series of these over at the Dork Review and wish there were more. But here are some of the first characters to catch on with a nice write-up to bring you up to speed. Decades later and they are still timeless.

Namor was one of the first Marvel characters appearing in their first ever comic book Marvel Comic #1. He was also one of the first great anti-heroes of the early days of Marvel. His interactions with Doctor Doom and The Fantastic Four are epic. He never chose any side other than his own. He also suffered much emotional angst which was the hallmark of those early days of Marvel Comics. For a guy who rules over 7/10ths of the planet, he's a major player on the board and deserves his seat at the table. I am surprised there is no movie with him in the works. His association and support of the mutant cause is a new side to his personality so he fits into all parts of the Marvel Universe.



Monc said...

It's cool that there's finally a specific Namor Mego character. When I was a kid and wanted to "make" a Namor, I would have to pop my Mr. Spock head onto a nude figure.

That's how tough things were in the 1970s, kids! If we didn't have the exact figure or variant, we made it ourselves!

Now, get off my lawn!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Those were dark days indeed.