Sunday, June 6, 2021

One Of Our New Captain Americas

Marvel Comics is introducing a new Filipino-American hero who will become a new shield-bearer after being inspired by Captain America. Ari Agbayani will be introduced in an upcoming issue of The United States of Captain America. Agbayani will not be inspired by Steve Rogers' Captain America, however, but by Bucky Barnes' version of the character - which her vigilante attitude and costume are influenced by.
The United States of Captain America is an ambitious upcoming series by Christopher Cantwell and Dale Eaglesham that will take the different versions of Captain America across the country in order to track down Steve's stolen shield. Making the journey with him (and showing up in the series) are other heroes who donned the Captain America mantle, including John Walker, Bucky Barners, and Sam Wilson. Each issue of the series will feature a backup story introducing "captains" who are local Captain America's of their respective communities who were inspired by the shield-bearing heroes. Marvel Comics has already revealed the first gay shield-bearer in Aaron Fischer, a new Black female Cap named Nichelle Wright, and an indigenous Captain America, Joe Gomez.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm looking forward to reading this series. The first issue goes on sale June 30th.