Monday, September 27, 2021

Star Wars Visions

I am usually a big fan of major franchises like Batman or Star Wars when they get the Manga treatment. The artform is so expansive and gorgeous that any story is only made better by those Japanese visuals set before me. These nine short films are all done by their own directors in their own individual style but each is still set in the far reaches of the Star Wars Universe and heavily influenced by Manga storytelling.

My only critique is that Stars Wars should be more than about light sabers - red vs green or blue and this one has several episodes where not every person follows his path to become a Jedi. In that spirit we do get to meet Boba Fett and Slave 1 but only in his role as a bad guy.

Each animated short is exciting in it's own style and the greater story is marginally connected. The voice actors are also very good and everything is Lucas approved and that allows some stories to go off on their own but not too far from the 'vision'. The one about the rock band was very good.

If you love your Star Wars you will find this series in your travels because it deserves to be seen by fans. The varying styles of animation are always interesting when put to the service of any Manga story regardless of franchise.

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