Saturday, May 6, 2023

Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 3

For the third time at the well I am most hoping there is still a story to be told. With new characters being introduced with each new film the hope for some great group shenanigans is high. This one focuses most on Rocket and how he was created by the High Evolutionary a crazy mad galactic geneticist in search of perfection. After years of being out of his control, Rocket is found by Adam Warlock, another of the High Evolutionary's menagerie, and is severely injured. This sends the Guardians on a rescue mission for their friend. Much of the story is told in flashback to the time when Rocket was 'evolved' from a normal raccoon to the creature he is to this day.

I thought the film moved fast from one great set piece after the other and the story was chock full of that Guardians of the Galaxy charm and sense of humor.. The movie has it's own vibe and rhythm that works once again. This series is really the heart of the MCU when one looks back at all that has been released all those years ago since the first Iron Man film.

The music is of course, great as are the weirdly futuristic set pieces. So much more satisfying than watching mindless hordes fighting our heroes. Finally something more interesting if not a bit difficult to take at times. Watching animals tortured while being experimented upon is tough to watch.. Kinda rough on kids of all ages. Cute really pulls the emotional heartstrings and this one packs a punch.

I KNEW IT. I just knew they couldn't resist have a horde of robots attacking our heroes in the third act. What is the addiction to this particular genre plot point? Everything has to always end with the good guys fighting against overwhelming odds when just slightly less than equal odds was doing fine enough.

The chemistry between the cast is great as usual. James Gunn understands how important character development was in the whole series and everything plays out as everything was meant to all along and that is a nice feeling. I feel like I invested in something worthwhile all these years.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Looks great! I'm glad Rocket is a major focus in this film. He is my favourite Guardian. He's the raccoon equivalent of the Winter Soldier.

I'm looking forward to watching this on Disney+ when it streams!

Count Robot said...

I liked it. Not my fav of this series but I did dig it. Wish it was a bit shorter. In general that's my complaint with Marvel flicks. They are getting too long.