Sunday, June 4, 2023

Spider-Man - Across The Spider-Verse

The last animated Spider-Man featuring the Spider-Man Miles Morales was a huge hit when it was released several years ago. A sequel was soon in the works and I was fortunate to get myself a copy of it today. I love the world of the Spider-Verse where ALL the various versions of Spider-Man can be found. This film takes you into that realm like never before with dozens of new Spider-Men and woman involved in the story.

Check out the trailer.

I am glad to see Gwen return to the series as she was the freshest new hero in a long time during her comic book run. I like that each multiple Earth has their own spider based hero and that point is often played for humor.

The animation style is also unique. Everything is colorful and the characters move like they are made of liquid. I loved the neon look to everything. The film is like no animated film I have seen in my life and it appears like the only way to show characters who move so fluid. So many excellent design features including a Vulture right out of Da Vinci's time.

This time Gwen is still living on her Earth where her Peter Parker died and her Spider persona is being tracked down by her police man father. She has just quit her band and misses Miles and her friendship. Soon she finds a way to contact him between worlds and the two of them are off to the Spider-Verse where they meet the other multiverse spider people including Miquel O'hara, the Spider-Man of 2009 who runs an interdimensional strike force of fellow Spiders. He has the tech to move from the various Earths in space and time after the Collider opened the pathways in the last film.

Another fun part of the film is all the worlds they manage to squeeze in and that includes the LEGO -Verse. The film is chock full of such surprises for Spider-Man fans. They also have Spider-Cat and Spider-Dinosaur. It's amazing to see the blended animation to represent every incarnation of Spider-Man that we have known since his creation.

The movie continues the trend of being longer than any non-blockbusters at 2:15 which may annoy the little ones and their limited attention spans. The film focuses a lot on Miles' relationship with his parents and all the ways he disappoints them trying to live both his life and the life of a superhero. Things only get worse when he enters the Spider-Verse where he becomes the target of Miquel Ohara who knows that Spider-Man's father has to die to preserve the Universe. That sends Miles on the run to save his life.

The film is totally worth your time and is a visual spectacular. Don't miss it. It's made for the Spider-Man fan in all of us - a love letter actually. And the very best thing is that it ends on a cliffhanger with the story to be continued.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yeah, I loved the first movie and watched it two or three times. I'm looking forward to watching this one once it hits Disney+ in a few months.