Friday, September 1, 2023

Written Five Years Ago

If you want to say anything bad about John McCain you best wait a week or more or I will know exactly the kind of Hillbilly that you really are. If you are the kind of maggot that does such a disrespectful thing then you are not really and American. You are an embarrassment to other Americans whow still have some kindness and humanity left in them. Unlike you. Your patriotism is for shit. Your flag is for shit. You reverence for your soldiers is shit if you can take down a man who loved his country more than any one American on this planet when he was alive.

He was a hero. And if you don't fully recognize his SACRIFICE to his country. His REAL, HUMAN SACRIFICE for his nation then education yourself. Go to You Tube and watch a reputable documentary on the man. He is not perfect like none of us are but he TRIED. HE SUFFERED for principle and for his men. He actually fought in a war that Trump avoided because of his bone spurs. How does he not feel shame for his cowardice.

John McCain tried to make America a better nation and he HATED TRUMP. If that is the only reason you hate McCain then have monstrously bad judgement If you repeat anything that President Toddler tweets about you are not only a sheep but the dumbest sheep in the flock. Say something hurtful you are a coward who couldn't earn one tenth of the honors that John McCain had bestowed upon him. He fought ever day to make your nation kinder and more fair despite being surrounded in his own party by the biggest bunch of rotting human garbage to ever gather in one place and he still advanced his agenda that preached compromise which is something the Republicans have forgotten. To see the idiot trump sulk because he wasn't dominating the news cycle is shameful, disgraceful.

He's not a human. He's a sub human. And everything he does is a reflection of his malignant narcissism. There was no part of his dark and empty soul that could find something good to say about a National Hero because McCain never kissed his ass. Another reason you should only say good things about him for the next week. Because if you choose to do the opposite of what I asked you to refrain from doing, it will make you look like a undereducated moron - basically the worst kind of Hillbilly. The stereotype, racist, uneducated, hateful retard that I hate the most. Well, after Nazis but your Malignant Hillbilly usually knows ALOT of WWII trivia about the Nazis despite the fact that you are functionally illiterate.

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